If you dream of making a difference in the world, or having an experience that allows for the deepest possible connection to the impact you’re making, then you’re in the right place.

Hosting your own Impact Camp enables you to provide critical medical services for 500 children from anywhere in the world.

It's your dream to change the world realized! 

One camp, 500 lives
changed forever.

 Name the four-day camp in honor of your family, group, or loved one. 

Receive a custom legacy certificate for yourself, your fundraising team, or your chosen honoree. 

Access a captivating photo and video collection and written summary detailing the impact of your camp.

Host an impact camp

Hosting an impact camp will give you the priceless ability to: 

What will my Impact Camp include?

Impact Camps are fully staffed and equipped medical outreach events hosted over a 4-day period that provide critical medical evaluations and treatment to 500 vulnerable children who otherwise would not have access to care. 

Who can sponsor an Impact Camp? 

Impact Camps are the perfect gift for the selfless partner, conscious family, special client, graduate, church congregation, community organization, a team of employees, or the person who already has all they need.

Raising funds for a camp also makes an amazing family, business, or community project that can be cherished for a lifetime. 

What does it Cost to host an Impact Camp?

A $1K donation will sponsor the entire 4 day camp for 500. (Every $2 raised = 1 critical medical consultation for a child in need) If less is raised, 100% of funds will still go to fund patient (i.e., $50 = 25 patients). If more is raised, multiple camps may be hosted. 

Do I need to attend the Camp?  

The beauty of this opportunity is that you are able to impact 500 vulnerable children — from anywhere in the world — for less than what you would have likely paid for one plane ticket! 

 " I always wondered why somebody didn’t do
something, then I realized, 
I am somebody."

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Your dream for changing the world realized.