OVI Collective is a passionate movement of monthly supporters who are united  to transform the health, happiness, and security of vulnerable children

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We give free, life-saving treatment to children who need it, now. Through our medical camps and rescue services, we travel to remote regions and provide urgent medication and ongoing care plans. Where patients are in need of hospital treatment, we transport them to our facilities. We also provide outpatient hospital services to children who walk in or are referred to us for evaluation and care. We fight for every child as though they are our own, no matter what their condition or life expectancy.



Our transformative hospital stays combine critical healthcare with holistic services that go way beyond physical health. Counselling, education and play combine to empower patients and support them to health and happiness.

complete care

By understanding why abandonment happens, we can intervene when support is most needed and unite children with loving families. We help bereaved fathers find stability and support, so they don’t give up their children in despair. And we provide temporary care for the children of child brides, orphaned girls and other vulnerable mothers who want their children but can’t provide for them yet. Our goal is to prevent children being separated from their relatives and orphaned forever.  

rebuilding families



Long-term Care Services 

Outpatient Medical Appointments 

Inpatient Admissions

Critical Care Services 

Surgical Interventions

Oncological Services 

Rescue Services 

Medical Outreach Camps 

Nutrition Services

Preventative Care + Vaccinations 

Transforming the health, happiness, and security of vulnerable children.

Intimate 24/7 Caregiving 

Rescue + Intervention Services 

Trauma Support 

Infant Feeding Programs 

Family Bonding Support 

Cloth Diapering Programs

Child Advocacy 

Developmental Support 

Orphan Prevention Services

Family Restoration 

Unite victims of abandonment + maternal death with loving families.

Massage Therapy 

Naturopathic Medicine Services 

Super-Food Supplementation

Modified Daily Activities (music + movement, reading time) 

Mindset + Wellness Programs (Art, Meditation, Counseling)

Continuing Care Services (Home-Visits)

Daily Education Services (In-Hospital School)

Guided Meditation + Music Therapy 

Empower patients through transformative care and supportive therapies.

what we offer

The loving care given to these incredible young souls is inspiring work. Thank you for being the hope for their future.

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Because of you, the world's most vulnerable populations will be able to access transformative care and life-saving treatment – without limits.

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