Transforming the health, happiness, and security of vulnerable children.


We are on a mission to transform the health, happiness, and security of vulnerable children.

OVI HEalthcare

A world where no child is alone. 

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1. Love - Everything we do is for the love of children and our desire for them to live healthy, happy, secure lives. 

2. Pragmatism - We work to understand why children become orphans and put new systems in place that break the cycle of abandonment.

3. Sustainability - We are committed to permanent systems change and the long-term wellbeing of the children, families and local professionals we work with.

Until every orphaned child is safe, well and loved.




our Values

“I lost hope after Omondi was diagnosed with cancer, this is a deadly disease and very expensive to treat,” said Calysto's grandmother Kioko. 

But today she is celebrating as Calysto receives the best news of all — he is officially cancer free! 

After over two years of chemotherapy and surgeries we are overwhelmed with joy to report he has returned home with his beloved grandmother.

Calysto Beats Cancer.

Patient Stories :

Jane Keith and her twin, Panina, were born to a young mother who struggled to support their fragile medical condition while she attended school. 

These beautiful twin girls are now thriving and will one day be reunited with their loving mother who simply needs help through temporary circumstances. 

Because of you, Jane Keith and her twin, Panina, will get to experience the love and togetherness of their precious family instead of being institutionalized for life in an orphanage. 

Panina and Jane, Together Forever! 

Luka dreams of becoming an aerospace engineer with his own airplane, a yellow car, and a motorcycle. 

He wants 4 children, a large fish pond with "lots of fish," and to change the world through writing books. 

A life that was once consumed by sickness is overflowing with dreams and ambition. Thank you for being the hope for Luka and our world. 

Luka Dares to Dream.

Imagine being able to see the world while helping improve the health of children everywhere. With the OVI Child Health Fellowship, that’s exactly what you can do. This is an unmatched opportunity that will give you everything you need to become a leader in pediatric health and wellness.

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