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Transformative Healthcare  for Vulnerable Children

First, a little housekeeping...

 We need you to take that heavy box of odds and ends you've collected about what it means to support a charity and throw it in our shiny copper bin.

We are impact, innovated. And that's not just a cute phrase--and it's certainly not SEO friendly... 

(Are you chuckling with us, tech friends?) 

Here at OVI we are on a mission to make the critical lack of access to healthcare, the orphan crisis, and vicious poverty cycles, entirely obsolete. 

It's impact, innovated. 

And yes, me we mean gone forever. DONE. 

As in deleting that headlining statistic you read on this website ASAP. Why? Because for centuries upon centuries, many organizations have treated charity work as a feel-good hobby and ego boost. Every year they host flashy galas that celebrate more and more people "reached" instead of transformed.

But we are not here to swoon you with the numbers of pills we dispense or children who are under our care.

In fact—wouldn't it be amazing if 10 years from now we didn't even have a hospital for orphans because we built a system that actually prevented children from being abandoned or institutionalized to begin with? Or had such effective community-based preventative care programs that our number of hospital admissions actually decreased instead of increased?

OVI Healthcare

If you're having a "WHAT?! Are your kidding me, YES!" moments as you're reading through these pages--you're our kind of human. 

An impact, innovator who is ready to see their vision for world change, realized. And we humbly inform you that you could not be in better company! 

We are here, (with the biggest hug and celebratory mug of masala chai) ready to link arms in tackling the devastations of the developing world and changing our planet forever.  

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.”

Are we aligned?

— hippocrates

Provide life-saving treatment to patients in critical need of care. 

Critical Healthcare Services  

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the impact opportunity

Unite victims of abandonment + maternal death with loving families.

Orphan Prevention Programs

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Empower patients through transformative care and supportive therapies.

Holistic Health Services

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Holistic health and wellness goes beyond the standard treatment of disease. 

That every human deserves the opportunity to thrive.
In solution-based systems that provide maximal, lasting impact.
That empowered local teams are the key to sustainable, world-class medical facilities.
That restoration of physical health will provide economic restoration for the developing world.


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