We give free, life-saving treatment to children who need it, now. We show complete care that goes way beyond physical health. And we rebuild loving families, whenever possible preventing children from becoming institutionalized orphans. By understanding why children are abandoned, we work towards a future where no child is alone. Our local teams understand local children, guaranteeing our success and sustainability. 

OVI Healthcare transforms the health, happiness and security of vulnerable children.

About us

In December 2017, we set out on a journey for change; a mission to make healthcare accessible to everyone, no matter the circumstances they were born into. The video below gives a glimpse of the rapid impact unfolding as we bring transformative care and life-saving treatment to the world's most vulnerable populations.

Our goal is to not only give every child the opportunity to experience health,
but to thrive.

“Our source of validation? Witnessing an orphan, who we found in a diabetic coma, smiling as he dreams up plans for publishing articles about protecting our planet”.

Seeing the failure of humanitarian aid to transform the health, happiness and security of children, Iza Correll founded OVI Healthcare. 

Iza’s late nephew Ovidio (known as Ovi) passed away when he was four. He was an orphan in Guatemala in the process of being adopted by Iza’s sister. This tragedy inspired Iza to start the charity in his name. Today, Iza and her team run the charity from the OVI Children’s Hospital in Kenya. 

Iza’s vision then and now is a world where no child is alone. She knows what works and sees it working every day. The next step is introducing this approach across Africa and Asia to end the orphan crisis and prevent poverty. 

Iza Correll is an internationally acclaimed social entrepreneur, a dually licensed US Physician Associate and Kenyan Clinical Officer, University of Kentucky College of Health Sciences Hall of Fame Inductee, a registered Yoga Nidra practitioner, international best selling author, and the youngest ever recipient of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for Global Citizenship (among fellow laureates US President Jimmy Carter, Michael J Fox and Christina Aguilera). 

Iza Correll

Our founder 

To maximize our efforts, we have shared personal meetings with the Dalai Lama, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and Grameen Bank Founder Dr. Muhammad Yunus, representatives of the Royal Family of Abu Dhabi, Mrs. Sarah Obama—Kenyan Humanitarian and Grandmother to President Barack Obama, and the Muhammad Ali Family.

"This path is blazed by leaders all across the world, raising up together to provide the sick and vulnerable with access to life-saving treatment.”



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