The OVI Children's Hospital Fellowship provides unmatched opportunities for aspiring and experienced child health professionals to gain invaluable global pediatric health and wellness experience. With access to humanitarian service, expert-led workshops, and a network of elite child health leaders across the globe, this fellowship will give you the tools you need to take your impact to new heights.

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a magical impact experience

  • Become Intimately Involved in the Care of Hospitalized children in Kenya.

  • Help Orchestrate Patient Programs, Medical Facility Expansions, & Modified Activities for Children Facing Chronic and Life-Threatening Illness 

  • Represent the OVI Children's Hospital at Events and Universities Across the World.



  • Receive critical pediatric healthcare training integrated with holistic health practice and a unique global perspective.

  • Priority placement for the Global Health Experience onsite at the OVI Children's Hospital in Migori, Kenya.

  • VIP access to OVI Events and Conferences


  • Monthly OVI Children's Hospital Program Development Workshops 

  • Virtual Community & Networking via our exclusive fellows community channels.

  • Group collaborations and mentorship with OVI Children's Hospital founder Iza Correll.







Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy 

Speech Therapy 

Social Work 

Child Life Specialist 

Ayurvedic Medicine 


Nutrition & Fitness 


We provide opportunities for current and aspiring child health professionals to gain experience in pediatrics through travel, networking, humanitarian service, and mentorship. 

Intimate 24/7 Caregiving 

Rescue + Intervention Services 

Trauma Support 

Infant Feeding Programs 

Family Bonding Support 

Cloth Diapering Programs

Child Advocacy 

Developmental Support 

Orphan Prevention Services

Family Restoration 

Unite victims of abandonment + maternal death with loving families.

Massage Therapy 

Naturopathic Medicine Services 

Super-Food Supplementation

Modified Daily Activities (music + movement, reading time) 

Mindset + Wellness Programs (Art, Meditation, Counseling)

Continuing Care Services (Home-Visits)

Daily Education Services (In-Hospital School)

Guided Meditation + Music Therapy 

Empower patients through transformative care and supportive therapies.

our fellowship is open to students & Professionals from all fields of child health & Wellness  

I feel more expansive, and closer to the possibility of contributing in a meaningful way. It has encouraged me to think of other ways I can make an impact

thuy, New Jersey, USA

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OVI Children's Hospital Fellowship

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This community provides you with access to a wealth of knowledge and experience from leaders in pediatric healthcare from all over the globe. With this unique opportunity, you will be able to learn, serve, and connect with others who share your passion for improving child health worldwide.