Orphaned NICU survivor finds forever family

Some stories are marked by so much tragedy that is impossible to pass them along while maintaining any glimmer of morality. The story of Dave’s 14 year old birth mother is one of them. We mean Cinderella before the slipper but with an M 18+ rating for the level heartbreaking circumstances she endured. 

So for the sake of this particular narrative, we are going to fast-forward to the arrival of a 2 month old baby boy weighing just over 4 lbs. His young mother had just lost her life to a tragic post-labor trauma and he was left weak, emaciated and in critical need of care. 

And so began Dave’s OVI story… 

While his beginning months were marked by certain tragedy, we quickly realized that Dave was passionately favored by his Creator. Everyone who encountered Dave was captivated by him. In fact, we would often have to remind our hospital staff that he could not be held for 24 hours.

But even still, we would find him being cradled at the reception desk at night shift, by all the children and workers throughout the day, and always a frequent subject among supporters in our organization inboxes. 

2.5 years later, we’ve just experienced his most redemptive experience yet. Dave has found a forever home with a local Kenyan family, just in time for the holidays! And friends, even writing of the joy he’s found covers my entire body in chills. 

You see, we have always known that Dave was destined for greatness in this lifetime–but seeing a weak and dying orphan become a fully restored and thriving son at just 2.5 years old is nothing short of a miracle. A miracle that we will celebrate forever. 

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