When an Orphan Needs Healthcare

Can you imagine what it would be like to be hospitalized as an orphaned or vulnerable child?

No parent is holding your hand as you undergo your treatment. You can’t even get admitted for the care you desperately need because no one can pay your medical bill or take time away from their work or family accompany you.

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Isn’t it chilling? To be so sick, alone, and feeling as though no one will help you.

Now instead, imagine being greeted at the door by a hospital “mama.” She is a warm, widowed mother who understands children who have undergone extreme loss. You don’t know her, but her embrace feels safe.

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She carries you through wards intricately painted with Disneyland-themed murals. You get to choose between a carriage bed in the Sleeping Beauty unit, or a magical boat bed in the It’s a Small World unit.

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Now you’re able to change out of your worn clothing and into your comfy jogger set that matches all of your new friends.

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You can smell the sweet aroma of spiced chai tea and your favorite traditional Kenyan meal. Your roommate says you’ll even get trays of fresh fruit for snacks!

Next, the other children take your hand and lead you through a library, a classroom, a music room, and even a home theatre! They tell you about the church services, games, counseling, massages, and physical therapy you’ll have multiple times a week.

As you’re tucked into bed tonight, you smile. This place you so deeply feared no longer scares you. The loneliness you imagined is instead met by rooms filled with loving children who have endured your same hardships. Your body is healing, your heart is trusting, and you rest easily into your warm blankets knowing that today, you’ve found your miracle.

What did it take to transform your health completely, to give you a whole new experience of love and hope in this life?

One person, one click, one $11 donation for each night of your hospital stay.

Can you feel the depth of this experience?

This is love. This is world change. This is your opportunity.

Will you take it?

Will you be the reason an orphaned or vulnerable child finds health, hope, and even a bit of magic through their life-changing hospital stay?

Yes? Click Here to be one who changes everything for a child in need today.

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