Help us build a world where no child is alone.

Our Impact Catalogue enables you to give your loved one a gift that will change a child's world forever,

Your gift saves lives. 

Choose any of our 10 impactful gifts for an experience your loved one will never forget.

 A gift that will change a child's life forever.

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Give a gift that  changes everything.

Admit a child
in need 

Pay the Bill.

a gift of life-saving medical treatment for a vulnerable child

Your gift provides an all-inclusive overnight hospital admission for a child in need.

Protect a Vulnerable baby

Offer protection.

a gift of Nursery or nicu services for an infant in need

Your gift provides 24/7 love, nourishment, care, and treatment for an orphaned, abandoned, or medically vulnerable baby.

Sponsor a surgery  for a vulnerable child

End the Wait.

a gift of life-changing surgery for a child awaiting care

Your gift provides a life-changing surgery for a child on our surgical wait list .

“Its only people with pure heart and love who can put such a huge effort to give exclusive healthcare for children."

— Juliet okech, Kenya