An Immersive Pediatric Health Experience in Kenya

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of children around the world?  Here’s your chance! Our OVI Children’s Hospital offers you an immersive pediatric health experience in Kenya. You’ll learn, grow, and gain invaluable experience for your career in child health.

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OVI Global Pediatric Health

Our local medical team is passionate about helping you learn and grow as a practitioner or student interested in global child health. With our program, you can repeat a weekly 50 hour certificate experience up to 12 weeks/600 hours at our hospital in Migori Kenya.


Program Qualifications

Is this for me?

At OVI, we know health takes much more than medicine. Our program is open to a variety of  practitioners and students who are looking for global child health experience. We've included a few examples below!

Pre-Health & Health Science Students 
Medical Doctors
Physician Associates
Physical/Occupational Therapists
Child Life Specialist 
Holistic/Ayurvedic Medicine Doctors 
Yoga & Meditation Practitioners
Psychologists /MentalHealth Therapists
Social Workers
Hospital Administrators


Opportunity Benefits

what can i expect?

Immerse yourself in Kenyan culture while learning about pediatric health

Learn from local medical professionals and gain unparalleled experience

Make lifelong connections and friendships with other child health professionals

Participate in local outreach and health education initiatives

Help us improve pediatric health in Kenya – and the world

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Program Track Options

can i customize my experience? 

The three track options for this program are medical, wellness, and custom clinical rotation placements or internships. The medical track focuses specifically on global medicine topics and patient care experiences. The wellness track is a holistic experience focusing on all the non-medical aspects of patient care at our facility. Custom clinical rotation placements or internships are available on a case by case basis depending on your program requirements and staff availability.


Investment & Inclusions

What is included?

10 Hours of Daily Pediatric Clinical Experience and Staff Mentorship at the OVI Children’s Hospital in Migori Kenya

One 50-Hour Certificate for Each Week (M-F) of Participation

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at the hospital campus. 

Program Rate: $995/week or  OVI Fellow Rate $795/week 

What's not Included: 

 In order to keep our mission wholly focused on the vulnerable patients under our care and to allow travelers flexibility of spending, we do not offer flights, airport transportation, on-site housing, or other travel concierge services.

Additional Resources:

Upon registration, we will provide you with a list of trusted private drivers, domestic transportation services, partnering hotels and guest houses (starting as low as $15/night) as well as suggested safari tours and cultural excursions to guide your travel planning.

“Its only people with pure heart and love who can put such a huge effort to give exclusive healthcare for children."

— Juliet okech, Kenya