Moving to Kenya

8 years ago I set out on a journey to reach critically ill orphans and abandoned children.

I persisted through my US PA certification (dyslexia-clad and a profound misfit in the elite world of human sciences), obtained dual licensing as a Kenyan Clinical Officer, and founded what I imagined to be an “orphan hospital”

And guess what?! 

When I met that pinnacle goal and opened an extraordinary 5 story hospital—I woke up to a TOUGH realization… Much of the traditional nonprofit/medical mission world was not only a sour fit for my overall goals for humanity, but opposite of anything I wanted to align with (OUCH). 

But God is gracious, and quickly, He filled my life with global leaders. TOGETHER, we took that one hospital—gutted and optimized every strategy with intentionality and purpose and expanded it into a global healthcare movement designed to heal and empower vulnerable populations. 

So where do I fit in now? 

I’m a passionate clinician who utilizes her expertise in healthcare and social entrepreneurship to modularize plans for of other local medical professionals heal + empower the world’s most vulnerable populations—right here from my laptop. 

YEP. I moved all the way to Kenya and learned that I could do this impact work from anywhere in the world.

But I CHOOSE this place because love it. Because I want to raise my precious daughter Lilo in her native culture. And because I believe in living a life that makes you feel fully alive. And after years of fearful wandering—I’m LIVING. 

Writing this blog is rooted in my desire to utilize my own story and experiences to challenge your own calling. To speak hope into any misbelief  that impact depends solely on the work on your own two hands. 

To give you is our OVI mission—“Impact, Innovated”. Temporary medical camps aren’t scraping the surface. Many nonprofits are worsening community healthcare systems and dismantling career opportunities for brilliant local professionals. We are optimizing healthcare, empowering the vulnerable, and changing our world. And we believe that sharing our story will inspire you to change it too.  

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