5 ways to support your charity through COVID-19

We’re quickly approaching the “most wonderful time of the year.” A time that is typically filled with joyous gatherings and selfless giving. It’s a short but blessed 8 week period where many charitable organizations can count on collecting up to 80% of their annual donations. 

But this year is different, very different. And many of your beloved charities are suffering far more than they have felt comfortable sharing with you. Some are even looking to whether they will be able to continue their passion work at all. 

Here we have compiled a list of 5 straight-forward ways that you can continue to enable your impact work despite any circumstantial challenges of your own.

  1. Hit the reply button. 

This seems so simple, but we promise it is HUGE. In a world of constant crises it is easy for your charity partner to feel invisible or even unwanted in your daily feed and inbox. Remind them that their work is seen and valued by offering a simple encouraging word. We promise it will mean everything to them as they navigate through stormy waters.

2. Show up virtually.

Intentional social media advocacy is a priceless gift. In the current times, algorithms are designed to make business pages rely on paid advertising to establish their full potential for visibility. How do you counter this? By intentionally searching + visiting your charity pages and engaging with their content. Turn on notifications, save posts, leave a meaningful comment, or even utilize your own personal platform to showcase the impact that partnering with their work has had on your own life. 

3. Build giving seamlessly into your regular spending. 

With massive pay-cuts and job losses worldwide, it is no surprise that the cancellation of recurring donations has become one of the leading damages endured by non-profits globally. Our best advice to anyone to anyone who has been forced to make this tough decision is to look into forms of giving that are built into your essential spending. For our organization, we utilize Amazon Smile and Kroger Community Rewards (ZERO cost forms of purchased based charitable giving) and the Round Up App , a form of giving that allows you to round purchases up to the nearest dollar with full control of your maximum monthly contribution (you can search for us on all three apps listed as Ovi & Violet International). Imagine clean numbers on your monthly bank statements and the ability to work giving into the nooks and crannies of your set budget categories. 

4. Be a Connector.  

See an amazing opportunity for funding? Share it with your charity partner! See a small business that loves supporting charities? Introduce them to yours! Want to maximize your personal giving here at OVI? Launch your own fundraiser or join our new OVI Collective movement at even $1 a month to unlock your personal referral link for tracking your total impact on our mission to make critical healthcare accessible to our world’s most vulnerable populations! You never know the potential your sharing might hold for changing our world! 

5. Utilize your unique abilities for world change. 

Perhaps you’ve never seen yourself as the “Mother Teresa” type. You might be a leading business executive, a busy homeschool mama, a musician, a network marketer, or a college student juggling online classes and early hour shifts as a barista. Regardless of your day-to-day, we believe that you are innately equipped with a unique ability to change our world for the better. Want to know more about what exactly that might look like for you? Take this 60 second quiz to learn “what kind of world changer are you?” and to gain valuable custom resources for your unique impact type! 

Feeling inspired? Know someone who might be blessed to use these tactics for furthering their own charitable endeavors? Please feel free to share and tag away! Our heart is for bringing light to a topic that is so difficult for many to express in this trialing time. 

Want to make our day? Send a quick DM on Instagram or contact us to let us know what you found most helpful! We would love to hear about your own 2020 experiences or ideas for continuing your impact work through challenging times.

Sending you all our love and prayers for a holiday season marked by full-hearts, miracles, and world change! 

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